How we work

To realize innovative solutions we work closely with our clients and take the user’s perspective. This is how we gather all wishes and requirements and find the underlying problem. In our unique approach we won’t lose the traditional values that are important for your organisation. We enhance them!

What we're good at

Our team combines a great diversity of expertise and experience in areas such as design, technology, styling, prototyping, and project management. This allows us to play a key role in any stage of your project, from development to execution.

What we create

Anything that’s interactive! Whether it’s a product, serious game or a large installation. With our interactive projects we stimulate playful learning in schools, modern rehabilitation in the care sector, or magical experiences in public spaces.

Concepts & Solutions

By involving experts within the target group in the design process, we arrive at creative solutions for different scenarios.

Interactive Elektronica

We have a creative and hands-on approach towards electronics. In our projects technology is never a goal, it always serves the concept!

Interactive Software

We develop software for different systems. Sometimes as part of the project, sometimes as a standalone product. For example, we make 'serious games' for education and healthcare.


We create sustainable and high quality products in the Netherlands. Both traditional and modern technologies and materials are used for this.

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