A combination of the terms ‘games’ and ‘technology’ often conjures up an image of a child sitting behind a computer screen rather than a child at play. NYOYN is convinced that innovative playing material can stimulate action or exercise (thus improving children’s health). Children love to be active but it can be quite a challenge to get them going. When they play the games from the NYOYN product range, children are challenged at various levels. The wide variety of games on offer attracts children of all ages, both boys and girls. No matter which of NYOYN’s games is being played, they all involve movement or exercise in some form or other. This is because ‘being active’ is key in the interaction with the product itself: in SoundSteps children have to step on to the mats and when playing with Nebula (our interactive wall) children are required to run, bend down, jump up, wave their arms, etc. The sheer size of the wall means it is impossible for a child to stand still.

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