The interactive playing material developed by NYOYN incorporates various educational ‘learning’ elements for the primary (special needs) education sector. NYOYN’s products provide a link between play and education. A good example of the play/education combination is the maths game that is part of the SoundSteps product. NYOYN has e.g. developed a game card that is aimed at practising the times tables. Children can play on an individual basis or can practise their times tables in groups. The children jump on the numbered mats to make up a multiplication (e.g. mats 1 and 5) and, once the multiplication has been entered, they are also expected to provide the correct answer (in our example, 5). The SoundSteps unit will then tell them whether or not they got it right. Playing this educational game in this manner allows the children to be both physically and mentally involved in practising their times tables. Another example of educational play is the language card, specifically designed by NYOYN for use in schools. This game card has been designed to help children build sentences. It can be used in the classroom to teach children how to analyse sentences and identify e.g. verbs, subject, articles, prepositions, demonstrative pronouns, etc. The game cards that come with the SoundSteps product can provide schools with a unique educational and socio-emotional tool. The cards are aimed at individual and collective play activities.

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