The story behind NYOYN  

As a young and enthusiastic organisation we’ve managed to become a well-established developer of interactive products and concepts. Founded by Bart van Goch and a creative team, his inspirations comes from his personal situation as father of two daughters. His oldest daughter has Down syndrome, which resulted in Bart’s eagerness to make a change, to make healthcare and education more fun. This made our start in the health care sector a natural first step. Nowadays we realize a variety of projects for organisation – in and outside the health care sector – in their transition towards the future. Bart has now passed the baton to new owners and a new generation of designers.
NYOYN’s goal is to become a prominent developer of future proof and social innovations worldwide. Our creativity, urge for innovation and close collaboration with our partners allows us to keep on realizing special projects that make people smile. That’s us, that’s NYOYN.

"Realizing a magical experience for special people, that's NYOYN."

  - Bart van Gogh


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