NYOYN develops its interactive playing material in close cooperation with the largest child (day) care organisation in the Dutch province of Brabant. The company also works closely together with one of the leading child care networks in The Netherlands with the aim of exchanging knowledge e.g. in the field of games played in the nurseries or day care centres. This allows NYOYN to develop material that fits in with modern games or playing activities and that has a bearing on the various levels and age groups within the child care sector. Besides the question ‘How do children play with the products?’ we also address the role of the educational staff. It is expected that child care and education will increasingly be provided under one and the same roof. These two activities will therefore become more and more geared to one another. This trend within the child (day) care sector will undoubtedly impact on the type of games on offer. That is why NYOYN maintains close contact with various professionals and experts within the child care sector, allowing the company to incorporate the sector’s requirements in its new interactive game concepts. Thanks to this approach NYOYN’s games are not only fun for the children but they also fit in extremely well with the organisational requirements.

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