The products developed by NYOYN allow for different ways of playing. The game cards allow users to select a variety of games, the majority of which are games of an educational nature. SoundSteps, for instance, includes a game called ‘Maths’, in which children do sums and practise their times tables. The game can be played on an individual basis, in group format or under the supervision of a teacher. Other examples of clearly education-oriented games included in the SoundSteps product are: ‘Language – logical sentences’ (whereby children learn to combine words to make grammatically correct sentences) and ‘Having lunch’ (whereby children are taught words in a different language). The development of educational games is also a key element in Nebula. Imagine games or challenges whereby the children have to count the number of apples displayed on Nebula or whereby they are expected to do some sums (e.g. ’5 + … = 11′). Other examples of games with a clear educational value are: cursive handwriting on Nebula (tracing letters but by using your whole body) or putting letters in the right order to form words.

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