Ignite the spark!

The Nebula is an interactive wall of light that guarantees hours of fun, movement and magical experiences for both young and old. Using unique technologies and interactions with thousands of LED lights, it stimulates the imagination and makes you move. The Nebula offers a broad range of activities, creating unforgettable experiences for any context.




The Nebula creates a relaxed and welcome atmosphere and it can function as a tool for the medical professionals. It has opened doors for a new way of working, like duo therapies or rehabilitating using challenging and playful interactions. In close cooperation with specialists in care, the Nebula has already been successfully implemented in the complex care, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy.


Nebula’s impressive light effects and playful interactions attract the attention of both young and old and guarantee a unique experience. The variety in games and product sizes provide endless possibilities. This allow you to use the Nebula in any context, whether it is a big event, a game hall, or a more relaxed public place.


Children emerge in the wealth of challenges the Nebula offers in the area of education, social interaction, competitive gaming and motor skills. They can play educational games without supervision and the broad range of content keeps the Nebula challenging and fun for all ages.

Nebula made to measure

The Nebula is a made to measure product, making it a perfect fit for your location. You can use it as an impressive light wall, but also as a mobile product. Bring any environment to life with the Nebula!

For each context we can make made to measure content as well! The Nebula already offers a broad range of content for a diversity of user groups, but we keep on developing new content in cooperation with our clients and partners. We’d love to help you thinking about ways to apply the Nebula in your environment!

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