Festive opening Nebula Strip Polyclinic Rijnstate

Rijnstate's pediatric outpatient clinic opened the Nebula Strip this week. This was accompanied by a festive opening in the hospital! The Nebula Strip is an interactive light and play wall that offers children a lot of fun during the visit to the outpatient clinic. The play wall was made possible by the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund.

Idea of ​​the 'Council of Directors'
The Nebula play wall was created as a result of an idea from the 'Raad van Stuur'. This is a group of children from the Montessori primary school in Heerhugowaard who in 2013 advised the Board of Directors of Rijnstate on hospital policy. One of their advice was to make a digital graffiti wall for the older children. The Nebula Wall was born from this idea. The children were present at the opening of the wall.

Ronald McDonald Children's Fund
The Nebula Strip is made possible by the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund. In 2015 the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund existed exactly thirty years, on the occasion of the anniversary the fund wanted to reach even more families with sick children. Twenty-seven carefully selected hospitals have therefore received a one-off contribution with which they can positively influence the impact of an admission or treatment for sick children and their families in their pediatric ward or outpatient clinic. With this contribution, Rijnstate has invested in the Nebula Strip.

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