Royal visit for Nyoyn!

Queen Beatrix visited the High Tech Campus with President Gašparovič from Slovakia and delegation. NYOYN could not be missed in a program where innovation from Brainport region Eindhoven was central. NYOYN was included in the program at the invitation of Edgar van Leest of Brainport Development. In addition to parties such as Philips and Holst Center, NYOYN was allowed to provide a presentation/demonstration with the Nebula Strip as an innovative SME from Brainport. Queen Beatrix as well as President Gašparovič paid a lot of attention to the Nebula. Several questions came from Queen Beatrix about the use of our interactive light wall Nebula. A special presentation that we at NYOYN will not soon forget. It was also special that the children of Bart van Goch (Managing Director) were allowed to present gifts to Queen Beatrix and President Gašparovič on behalf of Brainport region Eindhoven.

The photo is made available by ©Brainport Eindhoven region, Bart van Overbeeke Photography.

Nyoyn takes second place during AIA
(Accenture Innovation Awards)