Positive reactions from health care and education!

We are receiving more and more enthusiastic responses from healthcare and education. Thus writes Dr. Peter Bleumer that our products are very innovative and at the same time stimulate motor and cognitive development: think while you play! A lot of movement is always needed to stimulate the different parts of the brain in coordination with the senses to master the teaching material.

In a further explanation, Drs. Peter Bleumer points out that the reptilian brain, limbic system and neocortex are related to the ability to focus, center and lateralize, respectively. There is also a relationship with the coordination between the front and back of the body, between the top and bottom, and the left and right sides. All those qualities in a mutual coordination between body and brain are necessary for optimal learning performance. Blockages can arise from many types of stress in the present and the past, for example from lack of exercise or too much premature pressure on just cognitive performance.

NYOYN's products stimulate movement, playfully and learning and rehabilitating together. This fits in seamlessly with the insights mentioned above with regard to brain development!

Source: Drs. Peter Bleumer (Pedagogue, GZ Psychologist and Psychotherapist)


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