• Nebula Strip Discovery Playhouse

    We are excited to announce our first Nebula installation in the United States, a new milestone for the Nebula! The new owners of the Nebula Strip are the happy people at the Discovery Playhouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The Discovery Playhouse is dedicated to fun activities for children of all ages with the focus on […]

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    Nebula Strip Discovery Playhouse
  • Nebula Revalidatie Friesland

    This week marked the grand opening of a new Nebula wall at Rehabilitation Center Friesland, a prominent rehabilitation center in the Netherlands. The interactive wall is placed in honor of the 100th anniversary of Rehabilitation Center Friesland and is donated by the 100-year-old Cornelia Foundation. The placement of the Nebula in Rehabilitation Center Friesland is […]

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    Nebula Revalidatie Friesland
  • Nebula Macau

    Last week was the grand opening of a new Nebula wall at the kids playroom of OneOasis, a large residential complex in the gambling paradise that is Macau. The Nebula perfectly fits the modern interior of the kids area and with over 7000 LEDs it is certainly the highlight of the room. OneOasis is the […]

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    Nebula Macau
  • Koninklijke aandacht voor NYOYN!

    NYOYN is looking for an ambitious and driven intern who can help us enter a new foreign market. During this internship you will be working on the marketing for the Nebula, a large interactive wall which consists of thousands of touch sensitive LED lights. The Nebula is used effectively in a large variety of settings […]

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    Koninklijke aandacht voor NYOYN!
  • Nyoyn

    Tuesday 21th of April NYOYN gave a series of presentations at the ‘Serious Gaming Experience event’ at the rehabilitation center in Rijndam. These presentations covered the various Nebula applications that are used in therapies in rehabilitation centers. The core subject of these presentations was the added value of serious games in healthcare and the importance […]

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